The Breed.

Origin of the breed.


The white Swiss shepherd dog was originally from Germany, where Ritmeister Stefanitz mated a white shepherd dog with erect ears, and smooth coat with a shaggy brown dog, carrying the black gene to breed the colored German Shepherd.


Therefore, there have since been born white long-haired white shepherds and our White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a descendant of this first combination.


The way to Denmark in few words!


1974 - the first white German shepherd was imported into Denmark

1979 - the White German Shepherd Club in Denmark was founded, the original club was                     erased because of disagreements on restrictions for the breed, to ensure a healthy      


1996 - the breed was recorded in DKK under the name Becaner. 44 dogs were transfered    

            with X pedigree (Their parents were not transferred).

1997 - the breed was named, White Shepherd dog

2003 -the breed gets its final name, White Swiss Shepherd. The reason why the Swiss are  

            added is that FCI require a country of origin and it was Switzerland as we believe it    

            was here the first white came to Europe.