September 17th. 2021  -  this day 12 weeks old


Augusteas Everything I Want (Money)


(Jolee Of Trebons Berger Blanc x Parfait Fleur ROIDE LA)



May 21st. 2021.

Jolee has been scanned and unfortunately there is only one puppy. Thanks for the many requests, we are sorry that we have to disappoint many of you who had expected a puppy.

Jolee Of Trebons Berger Blanc

Parfait Fleur ROIDE LA

We expect a lot from this litter

between two highly awarded dogs

Vi forventer os meget af dette kuld

mellem to højt præmierede hunde

             k'Zoe OTBB                   Halo OTBB                   Augusteas Bono                     Jolee OTBB