Of Trebons Berger Blanc Enigma

Born Dec. 03.2022   (OTBB Ulysses x Kumara OTBB)


Weight: 23 kg. Height: 58 cm.

HD A   -   AD 0   -   OCD FRI

Test from Laboklin:

MDR 1 N/N   -   DM N/N   -   HUU N/N

Long coat 1/1   -   Dwarfism N/DW   -   CH N/N

 Titles so far:




Nov. 5th.


International DogShow Vaxjo/Sweden                 Enigma Best In Show Junior  

Press photo for video  


Dec. 3rd 2022.

Of Trebons Berger Blanc Enigma was born and 8 weeks later added to our family. She is a beautiful well build puppy and we are very exited to follow and work with her. Pictures from January to December.