Buying dog is a great matter of trust, and you can do a lot yourself to ensure that you will have the right breed and puppy that fit buyer's needs. 



As a puppy buyer one must be critical and careful, ask lots of questions about the breed, breeder dogs, etc. and contact as many different breeders of the breed as possible so one get a balanced picture of the breed as possible.



And when you as a puppy buyer have considered, which breed will suit one's needs The Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and the Club of Sheepdogs Cattle and farm dogs without special club (KHKG) will be a great help because you can study the different breeds and read their breed profile and standard on the clubs websites.



When one have found the breed who fits the needs one have, ask lots of questions to the breeder about the things you might not understand.






You can visit several different breeders and see the dogs they are using in breeding and their daily lives before deciding on the breed and breeder has the right chemistry and if this is the place you will buy your puppy from. If this is not an option because one is foreign, then write a lot with the different breeders and make phonecalls.


It can also be a great idea to go to the various exhibits, and watch the breed and see how the different dogs behave in stressed situations along with other dogs, or check the Internet and the many films that are available there.


It will be really usefull for buyer to consider ones own needs compared to finding the right race and to know the activity level and skills. Should it be a family-, Hunting-, herding- or show dog?


There are so many different breeds that are bred with specific performance characteristics so it is possible to find the right type for your needs.



It is also important to remember that a dog lives for many years and often it will become more than 10 years - old!

On tour with the pack. The pups just turned 9 weeks old. A-litter Augusteas  ABBA, Amazing Grace, Apple Jack and Axl Rose together with mother Jolee, k'Zoe and Halo Of Trebons Berger Blanc.