Jolee Of Trebons Berger Blanc.

Jolee Of Trebons Berger Blanc (Gucci Of Trebons Berger Blanc- MCH Sirius Black de Noble Linaje) 


Born: 22.05.14

Weight: 26 kg

Hight: 59 cm 


Mentaltested in DKK

Obedience test beginner B


Breed winner DKK 2015 and 2016







Several BOB and BOS results

3. Bedste tæve NORDV15

DKK Kreds 1 BIG og BIS 2  2016

3´rd best bitch in open class EDS 2016.



AD: 0

MDR 1 +/+ DM n/n (tested by LABOKLIN aproved by the danish kennel club)


Jolee is a breed typically feminine bitch of a high standard, as demonstrated by the many outstanding results she already has achieved during her youth. She is  well angulated with great balance and a wonderful temperament. She is very loving and devoted to her family, and good with other animals and benevolent also with strangers. She is a very intelligent dog, a dog who does not need to be educated as she is very obedient. Jolee can seems like she is quite insulted if we directed her.


She has a great drive and moves with pretty efficient and breed typical movements from all sides and she is good at exploiting her energy so that she can work a whole day without getting tired. Here we have a bitch where the breeder has succeeded 100% in the goal to breed typical dogs of high quality.


Thank you for trusting us this outstanding dog, Ulla Warden.