Halo Of Trebons Berger Blanc

 Halo Of Trebons Berger Blanc DK16428/2013. Born 26´th November 2012.

(Al-Pacino of Haely´s Future - Chiwa Of Trebons Berger Blanc).


Weight: 37 kg 

Height: 64 cm





Breed winner 2014, KHKG

Best male DKK 2015



Several BOB and BOS results

WDS 2015 Milano 7´th best champion

EDS 2015 3´rd best maledog

Nordic winner 2015 4´th best maledog


HD  B/A  right/left

AD  0/1  right/left

MDR 1 +/+

DM n/dm

Mental description in DKK

He has passed the initial test B and trafficking test in the German shepherd club.



Halo is a masculine maledog, with very clear sex characteristics, he is well-balanced with a strong topline he has a good temper and he is kind of mind. 

Halo is very fond of his family, especially our boys, among them he feels like he´s a part of the boy gang.


He has a plenty of energy, and moves with powerful ground covering movements. He can move for hours without being tired and with elegance in his movements no matter how long he has been in activity.