Welcome to kennel Augusteas.


I, Anne, have always loved dogs and as a little girl I often visited my uncle, who was the owner of Kennel Jyllingehøj breeding of Lakeland and Airedale Terrier.

I loved to sit on the floor among the puppies, and to be among big dogs.


Quickly I became familiar with the dogshow world, when I attended dog and child, which I thought was very funny.

My uncle was respected as judge, and often I was going to dogshows with him watching it all from the ringsides, which was fun and it also gave me insight into this wonderful world of dog enthusiasts.


My lovely aunt had for many years been breeding skyeterrier, and it is from her I acquired my kennel name, Augusteas.

The name is very special to me because it is a kennel who has always been similar to quality, which was using dogs of high quality in breeding.


As a young I had German shepherd, which became in total 4 dogs and one single litter.

Then went for a number of years where I did not had dog, but I became the mother of three boys.





2012 was the year when my great passion, dogs were revived. This time the choice was the White Swiss Shepherd Dog, whose beautiful looks, intelligence and versatility appealed to me.

I have found a prima breeder who meet my requirements on good breeding dogs, and I've got some prima quality dogs from her breed - Thank you Ulla Warden, Kennel Of Trebons Berger Blanc.


Fortunate I am, that my boyfriend, Jakob, supports my interest and the interest spans as far as he now even has his own White Swiss Shepherd. Jakob makes a huge work to promote the knowledge and understanding of the breed by recording videos at all the exhibits and provide the dogs critiques from the show on these videos to the delight of us who goes on exhibitions.


My goal is to breed healthy, typically dogs that are as close to the standard as possible, not only what exterior is concerned, but also mentally.

I see exhibitions as an important tool in the selection of breeding dogs according to the breed standard, but I also find it extremely important to make use of mental description. Mental description is a very important tool for a breeder to see how the dogs behave in different situations, and we can not only use this knowledge in breeding, but also in the selection of finding the right puppy to puppy buyers.


The kennel name, Augusteas, is, as previously mentioned, for quality and it is my ambition to continue the way my aunt has begun.


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    Anne Møller

Kennel Augusteas.