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Nov. 16 2016

We are proud to announce

That it is possible to acquire a puppy after our 2x Danish Breed Winner 2015, 2016 Jolee of Trebons Berger Blanc. The sire is Danish Champion and Gibraltar Junior Champion Jack Daniels Of Trebons Berger Blanc.



November 1st 2016, Jolee gave birth after an uncomplicated 4 hour labor to 9 puppies, 5 males and 4 females. All the puppies were of good weight, fit and healthy. They are now more than 2 weeks old, eating, farting, sleeping and growing as they should at this age. Nature is a wonderful thing, this is Jolee’s first litter and she has taken to motherhood like a duck to water when feeding, washing and providing loving care to the glorious 9, of course supported by us. The puppies are living in our house in close contact with the family, 3 White Swiss Shepherd dogs and our cat.


The white pups are all long-haired, well pigmented, with no dew claws and MDR and DM free via parents. Documented through laboratory Laboklin, blood samples taken and ID controlled by the veterinarian.

About MDR:   http://www.animalgenetics.us/Canine/Genetic_Disease/MDR1.asp

About DM:   http://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/neurological/c_dg_degenerative_myelopathy


The puppies follow the Biosensor program, this in order to strengthen their skills and stimulate their development. About The Biosensor Program:



The puppies will furthermore be tested by the Danish Kennel Clubs puppy behaviorist in their 7th week, (the puppy test results of course follows) this is to ensure we find the right puppy for the right owner.

We have great expectations that the puppies are mentally stable and breed typical, suitable for sports as well as exhibitions but not least of all the family's best friend.


Buying puppies from us:

Puppies from our kennel will be sold with DKK pedigree pure Beger Blanc Suisse 3 - 5 generations.

The pups are ready to become part of your family when they are 8 weeks of age, i.e., December 27, 2016. We are prepared to keep the puppies for a longer period in case you have plans for Christmas and New Year.
When exporting to other countries, we of course take great care to ensure the import requirements of that country are strictly adhered to, documentation, vaccination, etc. too guarantee trouble free travel.


The puppies will when leaving us will have been introduced to everyday sounds, such as vacuuming, children, sound practice through CDs, with shots, thunder etc. With the puppy follows: Pedigree and purchase contract from the Danish Kennel Club - Puppies Test - Chipped and registered in the Danish Dog Register - Deworming - Puppies will have been vaccinated - updated EU pet passport - Some Dry Food to start on - Blanket that smells of mother and the other puppies.
We are of course available for questioning, also after the puppy is transferred to you.


If interested, you are welcome to make appointment for a visit when the puppies are more than 3 weeks old. Call or write now to get a puppy-talk and possible advance reservations (non-binding).

Contact through this site,
or e-mail: anneml77@gmail.com Tel .: +45 28 25 64 08 or +45 41 26 26 51

if necessary leave message and phone no. we will return your call as soon as possible.


About the mother Jolee:


About the father Jack Daniels:



Our expectations to you:

That you have the time and space for a large and active dog, have the time to continue the socialization. That you want to participate in some form of training, not necessarily competitive. That you are familiar with the breed characteristics and standard FCI 347, we have plenty of videos and links, that can be helpful. That you are aware of, as with many other beautiful long haired dogs, there is some grooming.


Nov. 1. 2016.

More life in the house. A-litter saw the light of day.

Within 4 hours Jolee gave birth to 9 well shapely Puppies. 4 females and 5 males.

Okt. 24'th 2016
10 days to puppies. Our 2 girls enjoy themselves. Zoe at 11 months in heat. Jolee so big that it is hard to shake the ears.

Okt. 12'th 2016

Presentation video of Jolee and Jack Daniels Of Trebons Berger Blanc


Oct. 3´rd 2016.

We are proud and happy to announce that Jolee of Trebons Berger Blanc today is in foal. We are expecting us so much from this litter.




We have planed to mate Jolee Of Trebons Berger Blanc in her next heat. We expect it will be approximate August - September. We have found the perfect match for her:


Jack Daniels Of Trebons Berger Blanc (Dolce Vita Of Trebons Berger Blanc x Beau Brit od Bijelih Andela).


I have been sold from the very first moment I saw this gorgeous dog who has already accomplished a great deal.


Puppies from our kennel will be sold with  DKK pedigree pure Beger Blanc Suisse 3 - 5 generations.


We expect beautiful breed typical puppies of high quality. For further info write a messages in Contact. Thanks


BIS BABY IDS Barcelona 2015

BOG Puppy IDS Valls 2015

Gibraltar Junior Champion sep. 2015 incl. BOB & BOG

Nitra junior winner 2016

EDS 2016 winner of intermediate class


AD: 1

MDR 1 and free DM from free parents

Mental description from Spain TAN 20/20


Size: 63 cm